Foil was a grunge rock group from the Seattle, Washington area c.1990-1998 featuring Steve Wied, formerly of Tad, Skin Yard, Willard and Daddy Hate Box on vocals and drums.

Formed in 1990 by Steve Wied and Scott Wade, Mike Mongrain (later of Tad) and Mike Canavan were soon recruited to fill in the line-up. Influenced by; Swans, Melvins, Big Black, Godflesh, Scratch Acid, Butthole Surfers, Jimi Hendrix and Rush.

Band members Edit

  • Steve Wied (Wiederhold) - vocals, drums
  • Mike Mongrain - drums
  • Michael Canavan - guitar
  • Scott Wade (aka Swade) - bass
  • Steve Verwolf - vocals (1991)
  • Darren Peters - bass (1994)

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