Eco Virtual is a musician, producer and visual artist.[1][2][3]

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Style[edit] Edit

In their review of Atmospheres 第2Sputnikmusic '​s MisterTornado likened Eco Virtual's style to "the Weather Channel as a portal to dreamlike atmospheres and nostalgia."[4]

Reception[edit] Edit

CMJ '​s Lizzie Plaugic praised their music stating "Eco Virtual does electronic mistwave like you’re standing in the rainforest and your glasses are fogging up."[5] In their review of Atmospheres 第3Sputnikmusic '​s Jasdevi087 described Eco Virtual as "somewhat notable in the vaporwave community for being particularly good at creating this nostalgic aesthetic [...] through their creative approach of presenting their music as a weather channel."[6]

Discography[edit] Edit

  • Atmospheres 第1 (2013)
  • Atmospheres 第2 (2014)
  • Atmospheres 第3 (2014)
  • Wildlife Canada (2015)

References[edit] Edit

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