Duet "Double Smile" is a Ukrainian vocal duet containing of the sisters Anastasia Dobryvecher (Ukrainian: Анастасія Добривечер, born 25 June 1999) and Sofia Dobryvecher (Ukrainian: Софія Добривечер, born 16 February 2001) who took part in the Ukrainian national final for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2014[1]

Song history[edit] Edit

  • 2013 Omriyana zemlya (Омріяна земля)
  • 2013 Siyaniye (Сияние) (Duet version with Vitaliy Kozlovskiy)

References[edit] Edit

  1. Jump up^ Ukrainian)

External links[edit] Edit

  • Official VK Page (In Russian)
  • Official Youtube Channel (In Ukrainian)
  • Official Facebook Page (In English)

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